This page will give you an idea of the different class types and which is most suitable for you


Amherst Junior School     3.30—5pm     Any age     Must attend Amherst School

Otford Primary School     3.30—4.45pm     Years 3-6     Must attend Otford School

Sevenoaks Community Centre     6.30 —7.30pm     Teens (Secondary age)

Sevenoaks Community Centre     7.30 —9.15pm     Older Teens and Seniors (14+)


St Thomas’ Primary School     3.30—4.45pm     Years R-6     Must attend St Thomas’ School


Otford Primary School     8-8.45am Years 1—2     Must attend Otford School

Christ Church Hall      4—5pm     4-6yrs     Beginners & Intermediate (White to Green/White Stripe)

Christ Church Hall     5—6pm     Any     

Christ Church Hall      6—7pm      11/12+      Teens (Secondary age)

Christ Church Hall     8—9.30pm     Seniors (14+)      Women’s JitFit & Jitsu


no classes


Riverhead Infants School      3.30—4.30pm      Years 1-2      Must attend Riverhead School

Christ Church Hall      6.30—7.30pm      11-14yrs      Teens (Secondary age)

Christ Church Hall      7.30—9pm      Older Teens and Seniors (14+)  Jitsu

SATURDAY at Christ Church Hall

9.30—10.30am      4-6yrs       Beginners only (to yellow belt)

10.30—11.30am      6-8yrs       Beginners or more advanced younger children

11.30—12.30pm      7-11yrs      Intermediate and above or more advanced younger children

SUNDAY at Knole Academy

9.30—10.30am      4-7yrs      Beginners

10.30—11.30am      7-12yrs      None, other than age