All martial arts develop important character traits such as respect for others, self-control, self-confidence, developing a positive, never-give-up mental attitude and listening skills. Different arts do this in ways specific to their type of training. Our classes are lots of fun, high energy, game-orientated, competitive and place an emphasis on trying hard as well as making progress towards the coveted black belt.

We train in Ju Jitsu, an ancient Japanese battlefield art that led to the development of other disciplines, including Karate, Judo and Aikido. It does not require strength, fitness or speed but will help to develop these qualities as one’s training progresses. Our Ju Jitsu is a westernized form that includes a focus on practical self-defence, sparring and clinchwork. The keys elements of childrens Ju Jitsu are breakfalling, escaping from grabs, throwing, striking, ground-fighting and (later) sparring. Adults also incorporate locks, strangles, chokes and pressure points (how to apply, how to escape). The instructors are fully qualified, CRB-checked and have many years experience in the martial arts.

We have been established for around eighteen years in Sevenoaks for adults and for twelve years for children. We work in several local schools on a weekly basis and have grown into a large but still very personal club. We look forward to welcoming you to our club. Beginners are always welcomed warmly (and gently) and can start at any time of the year. Children and Teens have a four session free trial before paying anything.  Adults have one free session before paying anything. We also run Adult Introductory Courses throughout the year for adults who want a more measured introduction to martial arts.


Chris Doherty, Founder

Chris Doherty started up the children’s club twelve years ago to help his sons with their confidence and physical fitness and it has blossomed into a full-time job. With over 450 adults and children training with him every week, this is a real local success story in difficult economic times. Chris started his career in teaching for over 10 years, first as as RE teacher before moving into Special Needs and finally Senior Management. He worked extensively with students concerning bullying and how to make safer decisions at home, school and with friends. As a hobby and wanting to share his passion, he started a group on Saturday mornings at Sevenoaks Leisure Centre. He is a Fourth Dan Black Belt. Chris says, “I am the luckiest man in the world - I get paid to do what I love and to share my passion with others. Not only is it great for fitness, but it’s a life skill.”

Billy Cooney, Instructor

I was one of the kids who got into martial arts thanks to Bruce Lee in the 1970s! I re-started martial arts training after seeing a demonstration of Ninjutsu at a local school and after three years I had graded to 3rd kyu in Ninjutsu (Purple Belt) and 6th kyu in Japanese Jujutsu (Green Belt). I have also trained in Wing Chun and JKD and have a Green Belt in Aikido. I am also a fully qualified ABA boxing coach at Kings ABC in Brasted. Our small club has had numerous Southern County Junior and Senior Champions and in 2009 one of our boys won the All England ABA final in Liverpool, gaining his England Squad place. I was ABA Coach of the Year 2010. I started training with Chris over eight years ago started teaching with him over five years ago. He is a Second Dan Black Belt.

Eda Zorbozan (Cheddar)

Martial arts has been a part of my life since the start, my father was a black belt, I started Tae Kwon Do classes as soon as I could walk and a Jackie Chan film was a staple on Saturday movie nights. So when the opportunity to work at Sevenoaks Jitsu came up five years ago I jumped at it, at first I was apprehensive as Jitsu isn't something I had any experience in, however as I started helping in classes it became apparent very quickly that this was something that I was going to love, a lot. I have been working with Chris since I was in school, I have worked with him throughout my years at University and now I continue to work  with him as a graduate. My role has developed from a class assistant to social media advisor and I continue to love the work I am doing.